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Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems 

Clean drinking water is important to your health and well-being. These systems help to provide the purest and refreshing water available. Our experienced installers also provide a wide variety of reverse osmosis filter changes, perfect for the home or office. We carry a wide variety of Vertex Under-Counter Reverse Osmosis, Counter-Top Systems and Stand-up Coolers including:

Vertex FIlters

Vertex Water systems Vertex

We also carry Atmospheric Water Generators from Ecoloblue. These systems take the humidity from the air and make it into water, purifying it through reverse osmosis.


Whole House Carbon Filter Systems

Delta Pure Water also provides whole house carbon filter system changes and services. We provide service for a wide variety of systems that are low maintenance and easy to install in your home. You can have sparkling, clean water every time! Contact us today for more information.

In-Store ProductsDelta store

We also offer a wide variety of in-store products including:

  • Purified water by the gallon, dispensed into your containers, for only .35 per gallon.
  • Ice made with purified water by the 8lb. bag for only 1.25 per bag.
  • All sizes of bottles – from 64 oz. to 5 gallons
  • Water softening supplies and salt, including solar cube style.
  • Crocks and stands – we carry a wide selection perfect for home or office.
  • Replacement filters for all types of water equipment. We can also special order.


We Sell Water Softeners & Conditioners

Delta Pure Water also sells a wide variety of water softeners and conditioners including Well Water Systems, Ecosmarte Saltless Systems, Clack Pro Series Water Softeners, and GE Pro Elite Softeners. We will work with you to determine which product works best for you and your budget.



Clark Pro

Clark Pro Water Softener




Salt-Free (Saltless) Water Softeners & Conditioners 

Delta Pure Water also sells a wide variety of water softeners and conditioners, with salt-free options. 

  • Clack Pro Series Water Softeners
  • GE Pro Elite Softeners
  • TurboTAC Water Softeners
  • Krystal Klear Water Conditioner


clean water

Krystal Klear Water Conditioner

Areas of service: Brentwood, Alameda, CA, and Solano County